Karuna Satori ASMR,灵气水晶疗愈助眠

助眠网 2020-8-14 1114

欢迎来到我们的频道。咱们家。现在是你的家人。一个安全的空间•最后一家人!完整的灵气训练(每个脉轮使用修复水晶)..带走了所有2020年的消极情绪,带给我们!我不知道您的名字,但今年我已经完成了……再见。SO ..坐下来,放松,让我先分解负能量,用捏和轻弹,捏和吹,清理。然后释放。如果今天没有人告诉你..知道我爱你。和我所有人在一起。这是明天!

Welcome to our channel. Our family. Now your family. A safe space •

Finally family!! A full reiki session (using healing crystals for each Chakra).. to take away all of the negativity 2020 has brought us! I don’t know about you lmao but I’m DONE with this year like... BYE. SO.. sit back, relax, and allow me to first break apart the negative energy, use the pinch and flick, pinch and blow, and clearing. Then the release. If nobody has told you today.. know that I love you. With all of my person. Here’s to tomorrow!

ASMR (FULL) Reiki Crystal Healing Session (Removing 2020s NEGATIVE VIBES)

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